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Fran Martí graduated from the Universidad Autónoma in Barcelona with a degree in Information Technology. At a young age he set up and managed a number of consulting companies at an international level for numerous technological sectors.  egan to pursue his interest in photography in the 80’s and a decade later he chose to switch careers professionally. Since then he works as an independent photographer and also cooperates in this field with other renowned colleagues.

Self-taught like many other photographers of his generation, Martí completed his education in photography at various schools in Barcelona and Paris.  His training and experience in information technology has led him to take on highly advanced digital post-production projects. Martí currently works both with digital technology as well as medium format cameras and chemical processing.

Traveling around the world, this Barcelona-born photographer is especially active in Asia and Africa. Lately, covering countries such as Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and Botswana. His work on Africa has been exhibited in Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

Martí’s project “Panta Rei”, a very personal vision of the world around him and developed through his travels over the last eight years, has received excellent reviews both in Spain and in the United States.

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