Juan Mas Bagá

WEB Juan Mas Bagá

He was born in Barcelona in 1943 and he is an engineer. He has worked all his professional life in private companies, both as an entrepreneur and as senior manager. Photography has been always a passion very present in his life, and he considered his self as a self-taught person in this field.

In his career he has participated in a production of advertising photography and cinematography – “Study Acosta Moro” – based in Barcelona. In that period, when Barcelona was a hub of good photographers- Leopoldo Pomes, Oriol Maspons, Xavier Miserachs ,Colita, etc, etc, his passion for the photographic language increased.

When he retired he transform his passion in a reality. He trained his attending to schools, seminars and numerous workshops and master classes both, in Barcelona and other cities. He has made many photographic journeys, visiting places such as Nepal and some African countries – Mozambique, Tanzania, Zanzibar, searching in their people reasons to inspire his work.

In the recent years he has produced several projects with Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, among them, one in Ethiopia in 2012 and one in Peru in 1013.

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