An intense and warm light bathes the landscapes photographed by Miguel Soler-Roig. The walls of a deep canyon in the Arizona desert are the inspiration for his lucid dreams.

This visual spectacle is the result of a natural phenomenon called epigenesis, in which the course of a river builds sinuous chambers in the hard rock. Water and sand carve smooth, curved and erotic shapes that evoke human bodies and silhouettes.

The passage of time and the repeated assault of the elements on the rock create dreamlike landscapes where any story could appear. Soler-Roig has traveled to this place and stayed in absolute solitude. It was here, submerged in anxiety produced by the enclosed space and heat, that he remembered the lyrics of a song:

“Too close to the deserts of sand,
Where a thousand mirages,
the shepherds of lies
forced me to land and take a disguise.”

As in the verses, the artist pursued chimeras in his own journey through these passageways. Perhaps, due to the soft settling of sand rain on his body. It’s bewitching to think of the sandman, a character from Celtic legends, spreading a light dust in his path to make him dream. “Wind was blowing, time stood still. Under a sand storm I just had to trust the imagination. Rely on the past, in those special moments that last. Waiting for the sunset I couldn’t look into the sun. Hungry for life and thirsty for the distant river.”